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Getting Started (Development)

Welcome! So you want to do some development work on EVEmu. Great! We can use as much help as we can get with this project. EVEmu needs as many developers as possible, even if you don't currently have the skills needed. Don't worry if you don't this guide will provide you with some resources that will help you with the knowledge gap. As always if you have any questions please contact us on our discord or forums.

Getting Prepared (Development)

Writing Code

Learning Resources

EVEmu is a learning project. Listed below are some resources that will give you a steady dive into C++ development

Packet Formating

  • Xmlpktgen shows how to format packets in XMLP and general information about xmlpktgen.

General Tools

  • Eve Tool is a collection of functions that allow us to do different things with EVE specific data.

Getting Started (Testing)

Developers aren't all that EVEmu needs. We need testers and individuals who want to play the game.

Getting Prepared (Testing)

  • New Users Guide will help you setup the EVEmu server and client for your use.
  • EVEmu Project Tracking is the list of game features and their operational status in the most recent server builds
  • EVEmu Issues is where you will report any issues that you find with the EVEmu Server.


There isn't really a definitive way that we can ask you to play test the server. The best way that has been found is to just play the game. Please take a look at the EVEmu Project Tracking and find things that you want to test. If you find any issues with the server please open a report on our Github Issues. Please include as much information as you can about the issues that you have encountered to allow our developers to track down the issue.

Testing Steps