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This page is for the NPC pirate group Angels. It will deal with spawns and loot.

Angels loot

Angels (Tech 1, Named and Faction - Domination) - Halo Implants

100MN Afterburner

100MN Microwarpdrive

10MN Afterburner

10MN Microwarpfrive

1200mm Artillery

125mm Autocannon

1400 Howitzer Artillery

150mm Autocannon

1MN Afterburner

1MN Microwarpdrive

200mm Autocannon

200mm Autocannon

250mm Artillery

280mm Howitzer Artilley

425mm Autocannon

650mm Artillery

720mm Howitzer Artillery

800mm Repeating Artillery

Adaptive Nano Plating

Armor EM Hardner

Armor Explosive Hardner

Armor Kinetic Hardner

Armor Thermic Hardner

Assault Missile Launcher

Ballistic Control System

Ballistic Deflection Field

Carbonized Lead L, M, S

Cruise Missile Launcher

Depleted Uranium L, M, S

Dual 180mm Autocannon

Dual 425mm Autocannon

Dual 650mm Repeating Artillery


Explosion dampening field

Explosion dampening amplifier

Fusion L, M, S


Heat Dissipation Amplifier

Heat Dissipation Field

Heavy Assault Missile Launcher

Heavy Missile Launcher

Invulnerability Field

Kinetic Deflection Amplifier

Large Armor Repairer

Large Proton Smartbomb (Exp)

Large Shield Booster

Magnetic Plating

Magnetic Scattering Amplifier

Medium Armor Repairer

Medium Proton Smartbomb

Medium Shield Booster

Nanofiber Structure

Luclear L, M, S

Overdrive Injector

Phased Plasma L, M, S

Photon Scattering Field

Proton L, M, S

Reactive Plating

Reflective Plating

Rocket Launcher

Shield Boost Amplifier

Siege Missile Launcher

Small Armor Repairer

Small Proton Smartbomb

Small Shield Booster

Standard Missile Launcher

Stasis Webifier

Thermic Plating

Titanium Sabot L, M, S

Tracking Enhancer

Warp Disruptor

Warp Scrambler

X-Large Shield Booster