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This guide is meant for the average user of the EVEmu server and gameplay using a client. It provides information that a normal user would want to know, even if what "normal" means is a full Game Manager (GM) of a server or even the top Administrator. This page and its sub articles are meant as a collection of useful information that will help any user accomplish whatever they need to or want to within the game.


Welcome to EVEmu, my friend. This ain't your grandpa's EVE, youngster. This here's the Wild Wild West of EVE. Anything goes, anything stays, and YOU make the rules. This guide will help you learn about those rules and how to make them, and more importantly... how to break them.

But, before you dive in, check out list of known deviations that will tell you how playing in EVEmu will be different than playing on EVE Online.

Normal Users

Normal users are just that, normal. They don't differ from EVE online's normal user in any way.

Normal players cannot use GM commands.

GM User - Game Manager

Game Manager users (GMs for short) are super users at the level of being able to manage Normal users in any way necessary, including banning, confiscation of ISK and items, granting of ISK and items, destruction and creation of items and objects in space or in cargo or stations.

GMs can use GM Commands. Their ability to do so is simply based on the role assigned to their account, therefore all characters they create with that account will have GM status.

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