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This API server has been deprecated as of 0.80. If it still exists in the source it is horrible broken and useless.



Player Tools

EFT and EVEmon have been adapted to successfully connect and communicate with the EVEmu server. Specially adapted copies of these tools can be found in the utils/playertools/ directory under the project root. There is an eft folder and an evemon folder that contain the respective tools, modified for use with EVEmu's server port 64 for the API Server.

API Service Handlers


  • Admin Service
  • Account Service
  • Character Service
  • Market Service
  • Corp Service
  •  ?

Creating API Account and using it in Out Of Game Player Tools

The normal way for players to manage their accounts' API server keys is via the EVEmu Web Portal. See that page for details on how to use the web portal to create and manage API server keys.

This section details the URL formats for creating and managing API server keys without the use of the web portal.


  • APIv2 Reference - shows all possible things queryable and whether Limited/Full applies

The most generic form of any HTTP GET URL used to communicate with EVEmu's API Server takes the form shown here:


The number of <param>=<value> pairs is unlimited and must always be preceded by the & character and the last pair must not end with the & character.

The following Services exist in the EVEmu API Server:

Service Available Service Handlers
base none
account APIKeyRequest.xml.aspx


admin none
char CharacterSheet.xml.aspx


corp none
eve none
map none
server ServerStatus.xml.aspx

API Service Manager

API Account Manager

API Key Request



Account Status

API Admin Manager

API Character Manager

Character Sheet

Skill Queue

Skill In Training

API Corporation Manager

API EVE System Manager

API Map Manager

API Server Manager

Server Status

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