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This is meant as an explanation for those who aren't used to setting up a server and why things are done the way they are. EveMu is an educational tool to assist in learning program development and the way a server would interact with a client program. This is just a brief guide in laymen terms for the processes detailed on http://wiki.evemu.dev/index.php/Category:Crucible

Client and Tools

This is the only thing you need to do if you are interested in testing on another developers server. EveMu currently uses the Crucible expansion and will NOT work with more modern (or earlier) iterations of the client.

Build Server

The server is an exe file supported with other files that create situations and interpret commands from the client and calculate responses then send them to the client for the next response. It runs alongside with the database. If you haven't [correctly] created the database the server will crash. The process for creating the server is long and a little intimidating for those unfamiliar with the various programs that are needed to download and compile the project.

You will need to download the server code from Github. Github is a website where developers collaborate and work on code together for whatever company or task they want. If you are interested in server development and want to contribute you would do so here so others can check your contributions for mistakes.

After downloading the raw code from Github you need to build it. There is a program called Cmake.

Then you compile with Visual Studio. This is the program that you may use to create/edit existing code (C++) to manipulate the server to add features (commands).

There are many potential errors that can occur throughout each step in this process. Many are because of missing files (on your computer) or improper typing of commands in prompts.


The database contains all the ships, accounts, modules, space stations, pretty much everything and anything you can interact with and their respective attributes, values and properties. Creating the database is a time consuming process and is often the cause of most server crashes for new users because it wasn't created properly.

The order in which you build the database is VERY VERY important. If you build it out-of-order it WILL NOT work. This is because of the nature of changes as things have been added and updated as understanding grows.

Pro-tip: After successfully creating the database and creating a character and logging. LOG OUT IMMEDIATELY and back-up the database.

Server Setup

After you compile and the database works you need to move some files around so they all point to each other correctly.

Server Setup Issues